Computational Semantics Information

This page attempts to collect some basic information, online and otherwise, for computational semantics. It was prompted by a query for information which Barbara Partee sent out to a number of people. The responses as well as some additional information were put together by Kyle Rawlins.

Please note: I compiled this around 2002-3, when I was an undergraduate. It is woefully out of date, and was not really comprehensive at the time. I leave it up because people seem to find it useful, but please keep these caveats in mind! (An update is planned for some undetermined time in the future, as some of my research is returning to this area.)

This page does not suppose to be a complete list of all the material available. Ideally, though, this would be a decent place for someone to start who wished to learn about computational semantics.


  1. What is Computational Semantics?
  2. Books, Specific and General
  3. Papers (mostly empty)
  4. Workshops and SIGs
  5. Websites
  6. Courses (with information online)

What is computational semantics?

Several people have tried to answer this; here are a few that I know about:

Books (specific and general)


Please recommend papers to me!

The Association for Computational Linguistics is putting many papers online. This includes back issues of Computational Linguistics, as well as various conference proceedings. CoLing articles go all the way back to 1965, and ACL proceedings to 1979! There is a lot of good stuff in here, some of it related to computational semantics.

For recent work, try the proceedings of various workshops below. Most recently, I notice that ICoS-4 has papers online, and so does DiaBruck 2003.

Workshops and SIGs

Web sites

Courses with information online

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