Papers available for download

(Last updated: Feb 28, 2012)

Omaki, Davidson White, Goro, Lidz, & Phillips. (submitted). No fear of commitment: Children’s incremental interpretation in English and Japanese wh questions. [pdf]

Omaki & Nakao. (under revision). Conditions on resumption strategies and relativized locality violations. [pdf]

Omaki, Lau, Davidson White, Dakan, & Phillips. (under revision). Hyper-active gap filling: Pre-verbal object gap creation in English filler-gap dependency processing. [pdf]

Kush, Omaki, & Hornstein. (in press). Microvariation in islands? In J. Sprouse & N. Hornstein (Eds.), Experimental syntax and island effects. Cambridge University Press. [pdf]

Jurka, Nakao, & Omaki. (2011). It's Not the End of the CED as We Know It: Revisiting German and Japanese Subject Islands. In 28th WCCFL Proceedings. Sommerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. [download from the Cascadilla webpage]

Omaki, & Schulz. (2011). Filler-gap dependencies and island constraints in second language sentence processing. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. [pdf] [SPR materials]

Omaki (2010). Commitment and flexibility in the developing parser. PhD thesis, University of Maryland. [pdf]

Omaki, & Nakao. (2010). Does English resumption really help to repair island violations? Snippets, 21, 11-12. [pdf]

Omaki (2009). Verbal morphology: Return of the affix hopping approach. In Proceedings of NELS 38, vol. 2 (pp. 193-204). GLSA Publications. [pdf]

Poeppel & Omaki. (2008). Language acquisition and ERP approaches: Prospects and challenges. In A. Friederici & G. Thierry (Eds.), Early language acquisition: Bridging brain and behavior (pp. 233-255). John Benjamins. [pdf]